We are a team of creators, animal lovers and dreamers.

Do you love great coffee and want to make people smile? Are you an animal lover and would like to help homeless animals and have fun doing it?  Do you want to be part of a place where you can witness the joy of someone meeting their new best feline friend? Are you a cat whisperer who can shoe people hoe to be entertained with cats? And doing it all in breathtakingly beautiful style?  If, yes – then, you will love volunteering at Frisky Cat Café.

This brand-new unique café combines a single service coffee beverage café and with a cat lounge where patrons can visit with cats whiling drinking their favorite beverage. The new local St Augustine cat café will offer a variety of Bold Bean coffee beverages, bakery items and offer a cat experience where guests can meet, visit and adopt homeless cats and kittens. We serve the best coffee and have a beautiful minimalistic space that is oh so luxe with our furry friends, Nordic styles, comfy velvet furniture, furry pillows, floor futons and coffee tables.

Best idea ever?  We think so.

Come join our team.  You will love it!


Café Barista

At Frisky Cat Café, our baristas will hand craft coffee and tea beverages for our guests. We are looking for cat and animal lover who will educate our customers about our mission to save cats and help make sure our guests have the best coffee ever and have the time of their lives while visiting.  You will be the welcome wagon and social king or queen of the Café.  We want you to love the mission we stand for as much our guests love petting cats.  We would love someone with an open schedule and lots of availability, willing to work weekends and holidays. Having good people skills, enjoy meeting new people and have a polite positive attitude is a must.  Experience as a server or barista would be fantastic.  Most importantly we want someone who wants to advance within the company and help make this unique concept a reality far into the future.  Having a great knowledge and passion for cats and coffee would be ideal. Wanting to serve the best coffee ever and have fun while doing it is our goal!

If you have never been a barista, but know this is your dream job, then we will teach you how to make coffee!

Applicants for all our jobs must be willing to work both weekdays and weekends.


Cat Lounge Volunteer

At Frisky Cat Café, the cat lounge host will be the master cat wrangler. Cat wranglers are on the front lines of both the feline and human experience. They care for and clean up after cats, monitor the human interaction with the cats, observe the lounge area and welcome guests. You will be the master of the cat lounge experience and be a crucial part to the success of our mission by engaging with visitors to ensure they feel welcomed and know how to interact with cats. Other responsibilities are ensuring our guests have a positive experience while with us and to make certain no one is hogging the cuties. Taking outstanding care of each cat to make sure they remain healthy, stress-free and happy is our goal. Communicating adoption information to our guests and helping them complete application submissions to our rescue partner.

Wranglers must also be up to speed on adoption policies with partner organization Small Lives Matter Kitten Rescue, as the ultimate goal is to help visitors make a connection that could turn into a purrmanent relationship.

Cat lounge host take orders for coffee, tea and snacks, track reservations and complete retail sales.

Applicants for all our jobs must be willing to work both weekdays and weekends.


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